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5 hours of Papa Pal services at no cost to you.

Papa was built to provide you with an incredible experience by supporting seniors and their families throughout the aging journey.

Who are Papa Pals?

Papa Pals are friendly, trusted people who are employed by Papa to provide services to seniors. Papa pals are fully vetted and complete ongoing training and that have a focus on safety and security for those they are assisting.

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What do Papa Pals do?

Papa connects Pals to older adults who need transportation, house help, and other senior services.

  • House Help: Helps you or your loved ones around the house. Papa Pals can help with light cleaning, laundry, cooking, and taking care of your pets.
  • Companionship Services: Provides amazing companionship to members. Papa Pals can take members out, hang around, watch a movie, play board games or just have a conversation.
  • Grocery Shopping: Assist with grocery shopping. Papa Pals will pick members up at their homes, take members to the supermarket, carry your shopping bags, and take you back home.
  • Social Transportation: Provides older adults with transportation and companionship all the way to and from the member’s destinations. Members can receive rides to the doctor’s office, to the airport, to their community centers, jobs, and other locations.
  • Five hours a month provided at $0 cost to members. Additional hours may be purchased by the member.

Papa FAQ

Do you perform background checks on senior members?

We interview everyone that joins the platform, both Members and our Papa Pals (service providers). However, we only perform background checks on our Papa Pals.

At Papa, our biggest concern is security for everyone on our platform.

How are Papa Pals vetted?

Papa performs a comprehensive application process that begins online and executes on the following steps:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Phone Interview
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Identity Verification
  • Background Check
  • Orientation
  • Training

Only 15% of Papa Pal applicants are hired as a result of this stringent process.

What languages do Papa Pals speak?

Currently, we have Papa Pals that speak English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese. Italian, French, and Creole.

Are Papa Pal vehicles handicap accessible?

Papa Pal vehicles can accommodate individuals that use walkers, canes, and foldable wheelchairs.

Can I pay for additional Papa Pal hours once I’ve met the limit provided by my health plan?

Yes, you may purchase additional Papa Pal hours at the rate of $18.  Papa accepts all major credit, debit and pre-paid debit cards.

Can I request the same Papa Pal to visit me every time?

Yes, you may request the same Papa Pal to visit you every time. Papa recommends that you build a relationship with several Papa Pals so that schedules may align to getting one of a small group of Pals if an individual Pal is not available during the time needed.

Can Papa schedule my visits by talking to my son/daughter/caregiver? I am hard of hearing.

Yes, Papa’s team of care coordinators can speak to someone other than yourself to schedule the visits as long as they are listed under the account.

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Updated January 4, 2022