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Additional Member Benefits for Medicare members

Virtual Care

Meet with a doctor from the comfort of your home, or nearly anywhere. Virtual Care connects you to a doctor online 24/7. No appointment necessary.


Your Medicare Advantage plan comes with a fitness program. Get all the perks of a SilverSneakers membership at no additional cost.

Over-the-Counter Benefits

Save time and money on Over-the-Counter supplies.

Health Coaching and Education

Who couldn’t use a bit of personalized, expert advice to stay healthy? Three 30 minute sessions are no cost to you.

Medical care at home

Medical care in the comfort of your home. Wherever and whenever you need it — 365 days a year.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Live a healthy lifestyle. Get help to improve your diet and make better food choices with MNT. Unlimited visits at no cost to you.

Dental, Hearing and Vision

Benefits to keep your eyes, ears and teeth healthy.

Produce and Transportation

Meal delivery and transportation services for seniors. Qualifying Capital Blue Cross HMO and PPO members can receive a monthly produce box filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nutritional and Dietary

Connect with a registered dietician. Learn how to eat healthier, decrease the risk of chronic issues and manage your weight.

Papa Pals

Papa connects college students to older adults. Students can spend time with seniors. They help with transportation, chores, technology and more.

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Updated October 1, 2021