Need to find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy? Here’s a quick how-to.

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Type of Care

Select the Type of Care

  1. Click the drop down menu to select type

Select type of care

Search Page

Finding a Provider or Facility by Searching by Name

  1. Select the Doctor Name/Facility Name option
  2. Type the name of the provider or facility name in the text box
  3. Click the Find Your Provider button

Find provider by name

Advanced Searching with Filters

Using the Advanced Search option

Refine search results by using filter options, including distance, specialties, accepting new patients, board certification, language and gender.

  1. Select the down arrow beside the filter
  2. Check the box to the left of the option

Advanced search features

Provider profile

  1. The specialty is below the Provider/Facility name
  2. More information is linked to the right of the Provider/Facility name
  3. Selected location will allow you to see the details on the specific location
  4. Select the up arrow to see the other Provider locations
  5. Select the circle beside other location to see information about the specific location
  6. The left side shows hours for the location
  7. Affiliations are listed below the hours
  8. Additional services are below affiliations
  9. The accepted plans for the location are displayed to the right of the affiliations

Advanced search

Retrieving Provider Lists

  1. Select to display saved Provider list
  2. Select to change to Spanish

Advanced search favorites bar

Provider List

  1. Save or print your Provider list
  2. Remove from favorites list

advanced search favorites

Compare Providers

  1. Select the Add To Compare button next to the providers to compare
  2. Select Remove From Compare to remove a provider
  3. Select the green Compare button to show the Provider Comparison results
  4. Provider Comparison results

Compare providers

Provider comparison

Search Tiles

Using Quick Search

Search for providers using the Quick Search tiles on the right-hand side of the page.

  1. Select the type of provider
  2. The See Costs & Savings tile appears when members sign in

Using quick search titles

Refine your search to meet your needs.

  1. Open the left-hand filters.
  2. Select multiple options.

using quick search tiles

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Updated October 1, 2022