Pay My Premium
for BlueJourney PPO and BlueJourney HMO
Pay with Check It Out Icon
Check It Out ®

An automated payment option that will deduct your premium directly from your bank account. To learn more about this program, download a Check It Out Enrollment / Change Form.

Monthly Paper Billing Icon
Monthly paper billing

Receive a paper bill the first of each month for the following month. Pay directly by check or money order. Refer to the BlueJourney PPO Evidence of Coverage or the BlueJourney HMO Evidence of Coverage.

Pay with Social Security Icon
Pay through your monthly Social Security check

Automatically have your Plan premium deducted from your monthly Social Security check. Contact Customer Service: BlueJourney PPO members: 866.987.4213. BlueJourney HMO members: 800.779.6962. TTY: 711

Pay with Credit/Debit Card Icon
Credit/debit card or electronic check

Log in to your account to enjoy the convenience and timeliness of paying your premium online.

Pay My Premium

Updated March 24, 2017
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