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Personalized Support for Eligible Members with Type 2 Diabetes

Learn more about Capital's Diabetes Reversal Program with Virta

Can you imagine a life without diabetes? Imagine more control over your medical costs, a decreased dependence on prescription drugs, and an overall improvement in your physical health and well-being.

If you are an eligible member1 with Type 2 diabetes, you have the opportunity—at no additional cost to you—to enroll in Virta, an innovative and personalized diabetes reversal program.

Apply Now

Please note: Members with Type 2 diabetes can participate in either Omada Diabetes Management or Virta Diabetes Reversal. You can switch from one program to the other, but you cannot participate in both at the same time (may take a few weeks after program termination).

The program offers:

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Test strip graphic

Free diabetes management supplies
(test strips, meters, etc.)

Smartphone app graphic

A smartphone app to track ketones, glucose, and weight

Health coach graphic

A dedicated health coach for professional one-on-one support

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Medical care from a team of doctors

Virtual support graphic

Support from a virtual community

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Stay connected how you like and when you want from your smartphone or tablet with Virta’s user-friendly app.

Download the Virta app today:

App Store   Google Play

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More Diabetes and Prediabetes Resources

What are your health goals? Whether it’s something as simple as looking for an in-network provider or finding extra motivation to eat well or exercise, we can help you reach them!

Get the medical care you need

Looking for in-network providers?

Use MyCare Finder to find them—and save money.

With MyCare Finder, search for providers, including:

  • Diabetes educators.
  • Optometrists or ophthalmologists, or eye doctors.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Podiatrists, or foot doctors.
  • Registered dietitians.
  • A primary care provider, or PCP.

MyCare Finder can help you save money, too. It includes a tool that compares the cost2 of treatment from one provider to another.

VirtualCare nutrition counseling

Schedule a VirtualCare nutrition counseling appointment with a registered dietitian so you can get help with diabetes, high blood sugar, weight loss, and more. With convenient scheduling, set up a time around your calendar and even have a visit from your kitchen.

You can use VirtualCare for medical or behavioral health visits, too.

The extra help you deserve—at no cost.

Our Care Management team includes nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals who can work with your doctors, family, and even caregivers. Together, they can make a plan that’s best for you, based on your health needs. If you have chronic and complex conditions, you may want to request care management program information.

You or your doctor can also call 888.545.4512 for more information.

Save money

Blue365® offers healthy deals just for you.

Living well with diabetes should be affordable. Blue3653 offers discounts on fitness gear, gym memberships, healthy diabetes-friendly eating options, and more—just for Capital Blue Cross members.

Insulin Saver Program

Please call the number on the back of your ID card to get more information about this benefit!

Get healthy. Stay healthy.

Capital Blue Cross Connect

Members can connect with our team of trusted and dedicated representatives to learn about coverage options, benefits, health coaching, nutrition, and much more. Visit one of our Capital Blue Cross Connect4 health and wellness centers throughout Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

We offer health experiences, including fitness classes, cooking demos, and special wellness events to help improve the health and well-being of our members and the communities they call home.

Don’t live nearby? Capital Blue Cross Connect has virtual events and fitness classes anyone can attend from anywhere!

Knowledge and tools for better health

All members have free or discounted access to a variety of virtual and in-person health and wellness programs and courses that can help you control diabetes or lower the risk of developing diabetes. Whether you need help with healthy eating, getting active, managing stress, or creating healthy habits for weight loss, our health education consultants are here for you throughout your personal wellness journey.

Start living the life you want with SilverSneakers®.

SilverSneakers has something for everyone, whatever your fitness level or ability. It’s more than a fitness program. It’s a fitness and lifestyle benefit that gives you the opportunity to connect with your community, make friends and stay active. Get SilverSneakers at no additional cost with your membership.

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1 Virta's Diabetes Reversal is available to eligible members ages 18 to 79. This program has an application and screening process to determine member eligibility. Some health conditions will exclude members from participation. Virta is covered at no-cost under most plans. Call the number on your ID card (TTY: 711) to confirm coverage.

2Cost comparisons are built from a historical range of amounts paid to providers. This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular health care provider or its services and should not be construed as medical advice. Capital Blue Cross does not guarantee that services will be available or will be any particular quality or cost.

3The Blue365® program is brought to you by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies. Blue365 offers access to savings on health and wellness products and services and other interesting items that Members may purchase from independent vendors, which are different from covered benefits under your policies with Capital Blue Cross and its family of companies, its contracts with Medicare, or any other applicable federal healthcare program.

4Capital Blue Cross Connect is brought to you by Capital Blue Cross.

Updated January 4, 2022


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